Monday, May 26, 2014

Why I Write

Writing is such a huge part of who I am. I communicate better in a letter, or at least most of the time. Ever since I was nine or ten I have always loved to write. Whether it be short stories, poems, songs, novels, blog posts, articles, or essays. I took a test to see what career I would be good at and I got writer.

I write to express myself.
Oftentimes in my novels, I will touch a subject so that the world will know what my standpoint on this particular subject is. It could be the role of a woman, feminism, abortion, courtship, marriage, grief, and many other things. They say that being a writer is very unveiling. It is true. My true character and my relationship with the Lord manifests itself in my characters. I can’t hide it. I put myself in my characters positions and imagine how I would respond and then write it that way.
Also, writing is very therapeutic for me. If I am overjoyed or overwhelmed about something most of the time I either talk to God or write it down. Once I get it out on paper I can think about it and process it.

I love to create things.
My name means ‘ingenious’ and I heartily enjoy living up to it. When a story idea pops into my head I love exploring it. I will sit and mull over it, finding twists and such. I always make sure to write it down otherwise I may forget about it. Often times, I start writing a novel like that. I have found that is one of the best ways for me to write a novel. With only an idea I will sit down and begin writing. I enjoy finding out the surprises and tying this life and that life together.

I write because I have ideas to share.
I have ideals, and messages that I feel need to be out there in the world for people to read. I often have a character go through a hard experience that I’ve endured so that I can explore those areas of the Christian life; give people an understanding of different aspects of the Christian walk. 
I write not only to give pleasure, but to give my readers food for thought. I want someone to be able to read my books and come away feeling as though they have feasted on truth. God’s truth.

I write to share my experiences with others.
The Lord’s hand is so prevalent in my life that I can’t hide it. I desire to let other people see the mighty things He is doing in my life; the lessons He is teaching me and the miracles He is doing. I want people to be encouraged by what they see. And amazed at what the Lord has done.

I write for the glory of God.
One time, just as an experiment, I tried to write a novel without having any mention of God in it. None of my characters were Christians. I wanted to see if I could do it. The main character fell on hard times and I had to put God in there. I couldn’t write the novel without His presence. I honestly don’t know how people live life without the Lord.
The Lord is the ruler of my life and since He is in that position He desires that my writing reflects Him. The principles, the truths, the teachings, the lessons, every bit of it; it all leads back to Him. It radiates who He is. Or at least, that’s what I try to aim for. Often times I have to get out my Bible and look something up because I want to make sure that it is the truth.
My desire is that people will read my books and want to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They will want to grow closer to Him.
I want to please the Lord with my writing.

It is because of Him that I write.

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  1. That was a great post! I write for a lot of the same reasons. And by the way, I love your background :) And the name. It's amazing.