Critical Care

The book was intriguing, inspiring, and engrossing. Well written and beneficial to the reader. Yet I couldn’t help but noticing all of the grammar mistakes, the misspelled words, and such. I critique other people’s work a lot and I have that built in my brain to pick out mistakes, plot inconsistencies, bad wording and other things in writing. I enjoyed the book, but those mistakes were distracting to say the least.

That’s when the business idea was formed. I could critique and proofread other people’s novels.

For just $1.00 a page I will critique or proofread your novel or rough draft. You can either email it to me, or pay the shipping and handling, and send it to me hard copy. You give me a deadline when you need it back and I will do my utmost to return it to you before or by the deadline.

I do have some standards. This only extends to Christian authors. Also, I will not do zombies, witches, vampires, aliens, wizards, or anything that has to do with witchcraft. I will do fantasy and sci-fi, but if they have those afore mentioned things then I cannot. I am sorry.

You can pay me through Paypal.

To contact me here is my email:

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