Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Post: Donuts

Donuts just happen to be my favorite type of dessert.
No question about it, glazed donuts win the day; topped with mouthwatering, unhealthy sprinkles. 

Donuts were a very good idea!

I would love if this could happen! My future husband should propose with a donut. Rings are overrated.
But donuts give an air of happy things.
Donuts give the sense that everything is going to be okay. Take a breath from your over-stuffed schedule and slip onto the couch, curl up with a good book, and munch on your medicine. (In this case, a prescribed donut)

Donuts and coffee were made for each other, so curl up with that too. And soaked in coffee, donuts can give you peace like you've never known; relaxing peace. Full of sugar, this makes it all the healthier for you!

Unfortunately the ingredients they inject into a donut just happen to be corn and gluten; food I’m allergic to.

This leaves me at the mercy of a gluten and corn free donut.  

Corrie Long is a precocious fifteen year old.
She enjoys interior decorating, reading, and music. 
A coffee addict and chocoholic, Corrie is an aspiring writer. 

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