Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Guest Post: Cloud Pictures

Cloud Pictures

Don’t clouds in the sky
Form the oddest things
From babies in cribs
To horses with wings

I could lie down and watch
Clouds float all day;
My mind creates pictures
And stories that way

An old bearded man
Turns into a child
An innocent teddy
Into a lion so wild

A panda stands tall
On its back strong hind feet
Then becomes a small dog
Begging for a treat

The things I can see
The tales I could make
Are so countless
Just think of the time it would take

I think, and don’t you
That when God made the sky
He placed clouds in the air
Thinking of you and I

Don’t clouds in the air
Form the oddest things
Pictures and stories
Oh, what joy it brings.

MacKenzie Long is a seventeen year old homeschooled country girl. She enjoys writing poems, parodies, songs, and novels. Aside from that, she delights in reading, hanging out with her younger sister, Corrie, and playing the penny whistle. 

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