Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most First Drafts Are Rubbish

Out of curiosity, I asked quite a few young writers what they thought of their first drafts. Here are some of their answers:

"Oh my gosh, my rough drafts stink."

"I feel like my first drafts are messy, annoying, and in need of improvement, but I love them anyways. Sort of like children." 

"Yes, absolute rubbish. I hate them all, and then realize they're not as bad as I thought when I read them over. After reworking and polishing, then they're beautiful."

"Man, this is horrible. Just as I expected. Time to make the second draft!" 

I feel like all of them should be rewritten, and they could be a lot better."

Read for yourself, the general consensus is that first drafts are rubbish. Horrible. 

First drafts are called rough drafts for a reason; because they are. Unless you happen to be an outrageously writing genius and can churn out a perfect first draft. (If you are, please make yourself known!)

It's normal to have a trashy first draft. 
A first draft is where I pour my heart and soul out onto paper (or the computer screen if you want to get literal) until I have the story in my head and heart written down.
Then I go back sifting through it and clean out the rubbish. Polish it up. (Also known as rewriting. We'll save that for another post.)

Don't worry or stress out if your first draft is rubbish. Do not fall into the lie thinking that you are a horrible writer, or you can't write at all due to the condition of your first drafts. This leads to miserable thoughts and actions such as: "I shouldn't write at all." And then you might end up throwing your draft out. 

It is what it is. You aren't alone. 

Don't panic; keep calm, it's only a first draft.


  1. Good thoughts, and very important to keep in mind. It's too easy to get discouraged and abandon a novel just because of a bad rough draft...which is redundant to say.

    And when I visited this blog, you had 666 page views. Now you have 667. You're welcome.

    1. Yes, it is. I've encountered that same mentality amongst quite a few young writers.

      Ha! Ha! Well thank you for ridding my blog page of, that. :p