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I am a nineteen-year-old stay-at-home-daughter. I was homeschooled the whole way through and graduated in May of 2013. My parents and I discussed the idea of me going to college for music and writing, but the Lord did not give either of us peace about it thus I am furthering my education at home. Which, in my opinion, is way better. And way cheaper.

 Ever since I was four, music has played a major role in my life. The Lord provided the opportunity for me to pursue now ten years of piano lessons. I am now a piano teacher. I have been teaching for a year.  My students are wonderful and more than just students. Each and every one of them is a special friend and delight. I love teaching and passing on my love for music to them.

I enjoy baking and have a small business in selling bread and cookies. I’m considering selling pies, but we’ll see what the Lord does.

I am blessed to be part of a beautiful family. I am the fourth born of eleven children. I cannot imagine being an only child. I think if that was all I ever knew I’d be OK, but I need my siblings. I need these wonderful people!
My family has a singing ministry. We’ve been singing for fourteen years total. You may have heard about us. Our group goes by the name of Long Family Singers. Original I know.

I’m what you might call extremely conservative. In my politics, my beliefs, and my standards. The Lord has called me to be set apart. That doesn’t make me any better than the rest of you. Please don’t view me as this holier-than-thou person. I’m riddled and chock full of mistakes. I am not perfect and won’t judge you because you aren’t perfect either.

My ultimate dream job is to be a wife and mother. Yes, call me brainwashed, but everyone is brainwashed in some way. The highest calling God has for a woman is to be a wife and mother. I may not be getting married anytime soon, but while I’m waiting, I will not sit in the tower of my castle and dream of my knight in shining armor to come riding up on his white horse. If I did that I think I’d wilt. No, instead, I am using these days of singleness to prepare for being a wife and mother. I am eagerly storing up knowledge and sharpening my skills now so that when I do get married I will be ready to hit the ground running. As opposed to being uncertain and unprepared. I will share my journey with you in blog posts as I walk this road. I believe that there is a plague of unpreparedness amongst the young people desiring to get married. I want to change that.

I am a writer. I love to write. Writing is almost like breathing. I have ideas, experiences, story plots, and ideals all bursting at the seams of my brain, scrambling to be let out on paper. The Lord has blessed me with an overly active imagination, not unlike Anne Shirley’s. I am using my writing to further the message of Christ and to encourage Christians to have a closer relationship with the Lord.
I have another blog which you can find here: A Rose Among Thorns

Lastly, but certainly not the least, I am a born-again Christian. I serve Jesus Christ, my Savior. I made Him Lord of my life when I was seven. He is the One writing my life story. I’ll admit, there are times when I tend to grab the pen out of His hands and try to write it myself, but He does a much better job than I. His ways are not my ways and He proves that over and over. I trust Him with all of my heart. He is strengthening my faith every single day. The trials and hardships He sends my way are blessings because they grow me even further in my faith and cause me to trust in Him more.

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